Thursday, December 12, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Temptation

~Picture it & Write!


I had been so sure this day would never come. I missed him so very much. He was my best friend, lover; my husband of fifteen years.

Then on his way home on a routine day on a routine route, an accident happened. The one that took him away from the kids and I.

I stare at the picture on the cover of a romance novel my sister bought for me. She dropped it off when she took my children for a sleepover with her two sons.

Romance novels had been a guilty pleasure. I'd stay up late until almost daylight reading them once or twice a month until Brian died.

I couldn't touch one for the last two years. Just looking at the cover reminding of all I had lost. But as I glaze down on the book in my hand, I wonder if the characters I create in my mind will look anything like the ones on the cover.

I lay down on the tattered beige sofa thinking I should be cleaning the kid's bathroom. I turn to the first page. I'm lost. See you at sunrise.

Hope you enjoyed the flash fiction. 


Leann Holland