Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Received A Self Address Stamped Envelope Today

Good news or bad from Woman's World magazine? Take a guess.

It's hard to get mad when the rejection comes with phrases like "This is cute." This last rejection started with "This is a sweet story." The next word sums up the problem "but." She liked this last rejected story so much that she wrote, "but you might successfully submit this elsewhere." But where? I asked myself. I searched for a couple of hours, not finding other publishers of such short stories.

Back to the drawing board(or more accurately the keyboard.) Think I am going to focus on my contest writing for a while.

Leann Holland

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Week

School started for everyone around here. Since we homeschool year around, it is nothing new for us. But meetings for mom, program for the kids started this week.

My favorite this week was my writers group. It is totally selfish. And probably only thing I do strictly for me all month.

A fellow writer had gone to the Killer Nashville, a mystery writers conference, I understand. She brought back info on several ebook small presses. Most did seem to cater to the romance genres, which isn't a problem for me. About half of want I want to write is romance.

The one I liked the best was Wild Rose and their Christian counter part White Rose Publishing. White Rose is currently holding a contest.

I have decided to be crazy and try to write something. I need to write about 700 words a day to still have some time to edit. But I am already at least a 1000 words behind. I keep finding things that "need" to be done.


Leann Holland

Friday, August 14, 2009

Woman World's Magazine

I have been writing short stories and submitting them to Woman's World Magazine. The stories are upbeat 800 words romances. I have received three rejections in the forty five days. I hesitate to share this information. But to be honest I am in good company. WW publishes only 52 stories a year. I belong to a WW yahoo group. We have 172 members, many are book authors, teachers of writing, editors. You get the picture very talented writers. If each of us only submitted one a year that still leaves 12o of us out in the cold, assuming that everyone who submits is part of our group. I have heard the statistic 1 in 12. Most authors write twelve stories to get one accepted.

6 rejections: 2 outstanding.

Little over half way. Tough odds. But I am going to stick to it. It took one writer three years. I'll keep you posted.

Leann Holland

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Welcome to the first entry of my blog. This is my second blog. This is under my pen name where I am hoping to be to share my adventures, especially in the writing arena.

I have wanted to write since I was fourteen years old. I wanted to write about life in a way that I hadn't experienced yet. So, I went out lived my life. Now, here in that dreaded age period, known as middle age, I feel ready to share my experiences through my writing. Using a pen name to protect the innocents in my life. I like to start with half truths as the jumping off point and then write what ifs.

Thank you for joining me.

Leann Holland