Friday, August 14, 2009

Woman World's Magazine

I have been writing short stories and submitting them to Woman's World Magazine. The stories are upbeat 800 words romances. I have received three rejections in the forty five days. I hesitate to share this information. But to be honest I am in good company. WW publishes only 52 stories a year. I belong to a WW yahoo group. We have 172 members, many are book authors, teachers of writing, editors. You get the picture very talented writers. If each of us only submitted one a year that still leaves 12o of us out in the cold, assuming that everyone who submits is part of our group. I have heard the statistic 1 in 12. Most authors write twelve stories to get one accepted.

6 rejections: 2 outstanding.

Little over half way. Tough odds. But I am going to stick to it. It took one writer three years. I'll keep you posted.

Leann Holland

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