Monday, February 14, 2011


On the world's most celebrated day of love, as a writer and poet, I should feel inspired, right?
Well, I did create an unique work of art embedded with a small poem for my husband. Do I share?

I want to and yet . . .  It feels tacky, to create something for one person then make him share it with the world. (okay, maybe all twenty five followers of the this blog or all one hundred of my facebook family and friends.) But still it's suppose to be an intimate moment.

Is it different than talking plans over with your girlfriends or buying cards and sharing? The challenges of living in a digital age are like walking a tight rope high above the street. But we can't climb down or put the genie back into the bottle. She's here to stay!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Leann Holland

P.S. I decided to post my husband's card onto his facebook page.