Friday, October 29, 2010

Red - Movie Review

RED movie 2010 Comic-Con exclusive poster

With modern technologies and busy life schedules, I don't go to see a lot of movies at the theater. When I took my daughter to see Twilight's third movie, Eclipse, I saw a clip for a movie that caught my interest, RED. (Telling my age) I remember Bruce Willis in Moonlighting (a TV series). Of course, I have seen all three Die Hard movies. (Is there a forth?)

Date night with hubby presented an opportunity to watch familiar faces in a funny action adventure for 111 minutes, we forgot the world and laughed along with the movie. It is a good simple plain action movie not pretending to be anything else and does it well.

Leann Holland

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Think I Care

What do you think of the title? I think I care. I was listening to the radio with my teenage son. They were having some sort of pledge drive to raise money. The regular host (who I don't like) asked why you were supporting the radio station. Then he said, "I think I care."

I scratched my head, he thinks he cares. Wow, what a wonderful message of hope. NOT!

How can you think you care?

 I care. Now, I don't. I care. No, I don't. I care, I really do. I think I care.

Now, that's a conversation I don't want to have. Do you care?

Leann Holland

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Son-In-Law Is Older Than I Am!

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Fifty percent of all marriages will fail. This is one of the biggest decisions we will ever make. It effects every facet of our lives and reaches to the depths of our souls.

A friend recently became a mother-in-law against her wishes and another will be by the end of year. The two women are in different seasons with their children. One has a distant, remote relationship. The other is over involved in the relationship, pretending to support the couple. Neither are happy. Which right? Which will work? I don't know.

Where is that magic bullet? (I know I set it down somewhere. Probably beside the perfect weight magic bullet.) The bullet that guarantees the newlyweds success. The one that guarantees all the in-law (mothers, fathers, daughter, son) are happy.

In the above situations, there are legitimate concerns. One relationship is dealing with alcoholism and abuse in the past. In the second situation, I keep hearing my friend's cry, "My son-in-law is older than I am!"

There's just got to be a story in there somewhere.

Leann Holland

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nosy Driver

   Do you ever notice vanity license plates? For me the answer is sometimes. I don't do a lot of driving. When I do, I have places to be and things to do. In other words, I'm focused.
   Today, however, I had relatively few errands. On my way home, the white foreign car in front of me had one of those vanity plates. This one was easy to read, YES JOHN.
  Call me crazy, creative, curious or even a nosy neighbor, all fit. But YES JOHN to what? I'll marry you. I'll live with you. I'll have your baby. I'll drive you anywhere you want. See my delemna? What is she, I assumed a female, saying yes to? A mystery that in my city of ten thousand will never be solved by me. 
   The vanity license plates invite us into the driver's life, usually with a boast or joke. The state considers them a self imposed tax. Taxpayers paying extra for the right of self expression in our abbreviated world. What do you think of vanity license plates? Do you have one? I don't. I need more space for my self expressions.
   How funny would it be if a ninety eight pound, ninety eight year old man crawled out from behind the steering wheel? I imagine a conversation like YES JOHN you're in my will.
   Share your thoughts on why the the driver is saying YES JOHN. Keep comments to PG-13 please.

Leann Holland

LP-2059 Tennessee State Background License Plates - Titans

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Audio Download

Each month Christian Audio has a monthly free download. October's audio book is Love Is A Verb by Gary Chapman. They post a free audio sample of the title, as well. A Christian Audio account is required but is also free.


Leann Holland

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help Requested - Critique Needed

Writer's Digest, a website and magazine, offers an online flash fiction contest called Your Story. I never seem to remember until the last minute to check out the prompt. (This month I remembered two days late, Your Story #29.) Last month for Your Story #28, I got the story written but life did not allow me time to edit and get it entered into the contest.

I have decided to share it here on my blog and request honest if gentle feedback.

The Bet
Tidying up the beige damask pillows on the overstuffed couch, my hand touch something cold and hard. Afraid I let my hand close around the object and pull it out, a silver and black cell phone. What the? It wasn't my husband's or mine. We haven't had anyone over since those boorish Tinnins last month. The phone began to play a ringtone I didn't recognize.

I slid the phone open. I had never seen one like it even in commercials. "Hello."



"You don't know me."

Well, duh, I was holding an unknown phone in my hand. How did he know my name? "What's going on here?" I demanded. "Who are you?"

Laughter was the reply I received.

"I'm going to hang up if you don't answer my questions."

"I'm glad to see you haven't lost your humor." A unknown male voice said. "Melissa. Melissa, have patience I'll tell you everything in time."

"Who are you?" I whispered. Then stronger, "Well, get on with it. I don't have all day." I gathered my cell phone on the way to our home phone.

"Melissa, there's no need for that." he said.

My eyes scanned the room. How could he see me? The sage drapes were pulled closed. What should I do now? Play it cool, "No need for what?"

"Go turn on your computer." he ordered.

"Why?" I stood there frozen as dozens of scenarios ran through my thoughts. Then I laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"Okay, where's the camera?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know those old TV programs that catch you doing something silly or dumb." I stifled a giggle.

"Wrong show!"

"Which show then?" I asked. Laughter again, but was there more than one voice this time? Spinning around, I demanded, "Where are you? Whose with you?" Dizzy, I fell into our chocolate brown recliner, breathing hard.

The laughter subsided, "Are you okay?"

He definitely could see me. I rubbed my arms as chills assailed me. "Like you care!" I said.

"Just do this favor for me and I'll tell you everything."

"Who are you and what do you want?" I cried. Why am I doing this? I thought. I simply closed the phone, cutting the connection. I tumbled the phone over and over in my sweaty palms.

It sang at me again. I shrugged stetting the cell phone down and walked away. Pulling the drapes open, were there any unfamiliar vehicles out there?

Yes? Yes, there was a small red car. What was the make so I could tell 911? The plate number? There were two dark haired men sitting in the front seat. What were they hunched over? That man in the passenger seat looked familiar. Should I approach the vehicle? I debated.

My husband got out of the car smiling, waving a wad of cash at me. He slapped the roof of the car. It drove off. He was suppose to be golfing with a buddy.

As he entered the house, he said, "Good job, baby." He kissed me on the cheek.

I pulled away. "Someone's watching." I whispered.

He held up a small screen thingy. He walk to the computer desk in the attached dining room. He held up a tiny camera. "All gone! You did great. I won," he cleared his throat, "I mean, we won a thousand dollars."Spy Pinhole Nanny Mini Camera System Wireless FULL SET!

"You bet on me?" I whispered, my voice gained strength, "You bet on me!" I reached over and grabbed the money. "Thanks, I can have fun shopping."

"But, baby. . . " He stopped at my glare. "Have fun."
The End
Leave feedback in the comments, please remember to be gentle. Don't forget to check out other free short stories available at Writer's Digest. They post the winning entry for your reading enjoyment.
Leann Holland

Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick Feet, Soft Hands -- Movie Review

Last week late one night flipping through the TV stations, I stopped on a short independent film, Quick Feet, Soft Hands on my local PBS station. I was intrigued with the TV description of a movie that was only half an hour. It fit the time frame I had available.

Quick Feet, Soft Hands is a movie about dreams. A young couple is following his dream of being a professional baseball player. He's currently playing minor league ball. He is struggling with his quality of life and the real cost of chasing rainbows.

I liken this short movie to a short story and it's very different from a typical Hollywood flick (a.k.a. a happy ending and rose colored glasses.) I enjoyed this movie's real life grit.

Leann Holland

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bug Hysteria

The Bugs Are Back!

By Leann Holland

Bugs, bugs and more bugs
dominate the TV airways.
We thought we were
the dominate species.
Ignoring the old adage,
bugs will inherit the world.
Have we learned nothing
from elementary science classes?
The circle of Life,
the food chain,
ring any bells?
We’ve spent decades
studying the gaps
created by extinction.
Bugs, bugs and more bugs!
Everyone including me
freaked out by the little buggers.
How now brown cow,
do we protect ourselves?
We’ve lost solutions
handed down
from generation to generation.
The bugs are back!

Being a single income family, we’ve purchase a lot of our items used. The reports by all the major news outlets of the returning bedbugs and super bug Lice has me scratching, quite literally. Just thinking about bugs makes my skin crawl thereby making me itch. What about you? Is itching like yawning, contagious?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer's Finally Over

Here in the Tennessee, this summer was hot. Last week to this week our average high temps took a twenty degree drop, in this case it was wonderful. We went from average of 92 degrees to the mid 70's, which is beautiful considering we had 82 days at 90 or above this summer.

What I have loved most about this change in the weather has been hearing the neighborhood children outside playing. After dark last night, they played tag. I have great memories of playing these kinds of childhood games with my sister and cousins.

Take time and let the kid inside you enjoy this season.

Leann Holland

P.S. Still waiting for fall colors, I'll keep you posted.