Monday, October 4, 2010

Bug Hysteria

The Bugs Are Back!

By Leann Holland

Bugs, bugs and more bugs
dominate the TV airways.
We thought we were
the dominate species.
Ignoring the old adage,
bugs will inherit the world.
Have we learned nothing
from elementary science classes?
The circle of Life,
the food chain,
ring any bells?
We’ve spent decades
studying the gaps
created by extinction.
Bugs, bugs and more bugs!
Everyone including me
freaked out by the little buggers.
How now brown cow,
do we protect ourselves?
We’ve lost solutions
handed down
from generation to generation.
The bugs are back!

Being a single income family, we’ve purchase a lot of our items used. The reports by all the major news outlets of the returning bedbugs and super bug Lice has me scratching, quite literally. Just thinking about bugs makes my skin crawl thereby making me itch. What about you? Is itching like yawning, contagious?

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