Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nosy Driver

   Do you ever notice vanity license plates? For me the answer is sometimes. I don't do a lot of driving. When I do, I have places to be and things to do. In other words, I'm focused.
   Today, however, I had relatively few errands. On my way home, the white foreign car in front of me had one of those vanity plates. This one was easy to read, YES JOHN.
  Call me crazy, creative, curious or even a nosy neighbor, all fit. But YES JOHN to what? I'll marry you. I'll live with you. I'll have your baby. I'll drive you anywhere you want. See my delemna? What is she, I assumed a female, saying yes to? A mystery that in my city of ten thousand will never be solved by me. 
   The vanity license plates invite us into the driver's life, usually with a boast or joke. The state considers them a self imposed tax. Taxpayers paying extra for the right of self expression in our abbreviated world. What do you think of vanity license plates? Do you have one? I don't. I need more space for my self expressions.
   How funny would it be if a ninety eight pound, ninety eight year old man crawled out from behind the steering wheel? I imagine a conversation like YES JOHN you're in my will.
   Share your thoughts on why the the driver is saying YES JOHN. Keep comments to PG-13 please.

Leann Holland

LP-2059 Tennessee State Background License Plates - Titans

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