Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Received A Self Address Stamped Envelope Today

Good news or bad from Woman's World magazine? Take a guess.

It's hard to get mad when the rejection comes with phrases like "This is cute." This last rejection started with "This is a sweet story." The next word sums up the problem "but." She liked this last rejected story so much that she wrote, "but you might successfully submit this elsewhere." But where? I asked myself. I searched for a couple of hours, not finding other publishers of such short stories.

Back to the drawing board(or more accurately the keyboard.) Think I am going to focus on my contest writing for a while.

Leann Holland


  1. Don't give up on WW. I can't tell you how many stories I've had rejected before I finally sold. Unlike some people, I don't keep rejections. Just rewrite and resubmit.

  2. Hello, LeAnn. I just visited your blog and have marked it to look further as I have time. I love the tree picture. Can you tell me what kind of tree it is and if it has special significance for you.

    I see we are on same type blog, and invite you to visit my own. I have only been writing a few weeks and was leery of it, but now find the blog quite fun to write. claudia

  3. Thank you for the nice comments. I will eventually get back to writing for WW but I think I will take a month off to do some other writing and research.
    Bookie, I visited your website as well. Thank you for the stories that took me down memory lane. As for the tree, I have no idea as to what kind. Last fall, our family went for a hike in the nearby national park - Natchez Trace Parkway. While my husband attended to our children, I got creative with my camera. I spied this beauty. As a person of the Christian faith, I loved the symbolism.

  4. I've received similar R's. It's frustrating, isn't it? To be so close and yet not able to break through. I'm taking a break from WW subs for now, but I'm sure I'll find my way back there eventually.