Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm back

At first life's general rush got in the way. It was fun activities like my youngest child playing flag football, our anniversary, my in laws visiting from out of state, then my out of state family came for a visit.

Then the writing got in the way of updating the blog. I have submitted to Woman's World again, October. Then this week saw my first submission to True Romance. I have a submission about 95% ready for Country Woman, just need to do final edit. (yes, I thought you needed the attention first.) There are two first drafts of stories for True story and one Woman's World sitting on my desk. Of course, my young adult novel is screaming for another round of writing. I have written twenty five hundred words on it in the past month.

I have finally found my ability to write longer short stories. For the first time, I'm not doubting myself on writing the novel length stories floating around in my head.

Thank you Trues for challenging me.

Leann Holland

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