Thursday, December 10, 2009

When TV Visits Your City

On CBS's TV program, Criminal Minds, Wednesday's episode featured Nashville. This is the first time I remember ever seeing my city featured. In Criminal Minds, the location is almost a sub character of the program. Although, I usually only pay attention enough to understand the plot.
My husband and I watched fascinated as they displayed GPS maps and showcased vignettes of famous locations in Nashville. The opening scene indicating they had flown into Nashville was Riverfront Park. My husband saw the Ryman Auditorium. We have visited Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Mention was made of the Green Hills Mall where my husband had his last pair of glasses made. It added a new dimension to the story.
Because Criminal Minds deals with seriously demented individuals, it was a little creepy. But it's not reality. Of course as a writer, I am very familiar with the disclosure of fictional works. "This is a work of fiction. etc..."
Bottom Line - It was neat to see them get it right. A reminder to us writers to take the time to do our research. It's important to our readers. It was to this TV viewer.
Leann Holland

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