Friday, September 24, 2010

Gluten Free Irony

Gluten Free is a term that is hitting the mainstream. I learned about it several years ago when I discovered I had a wheat allergy. While wheat allergies and Celiac Disease are two different disorders, I know I am safe if I choose Gluten Free foods. So armed with this information, I share my story.

Several weekends ago, our local chamber of commerce held our local nature fest. We had a prior engagement but decided to attend the last hour or so. It was fun mingling with members of our local community. Several businesses and churches had set up displays. A local church with whom we have no affiliation, set up fun ring toss game. My family loved the competition among ourselves. If you were successful ringing the target, you put your name in for the drawing. You guessed it, the prize was a wheat filled dream, pizza. I laughed with my husband about the irony if out of all the entries our family managed to place into the drawing, my name was drawn. Twenty minutes later, as my husband took our children out to eat at gluten feast restaurant, I got the call. I had won the gift certificate to the local pizzeria.

Hope you got a good laugh I did. (I also got several safe food treats)

Leann Holland

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