Sunday, September 12, 2010

Signs of The Times

I wish I could say that I was shocked at the news that the NY Times newspaper will at some date to be determined not be printed on paper any more. Okay, I guess you could say that I was shocked that they were brave enough to acknowledge that fact and announce it. The world is changing and changing fast.(See Yahoo's news article. )

The events of my life give me an interesting point of view. My high school graduating class was the first class that had computer class in our school system. available for our senior year. I also had taken an adult education class in the neighboring county to learn about computers in my sophomore year. I feel that I have had a front row seat to these changes, always trying to catch up.

In my research to become a published fiction author, I have found two distinct and powerful camps, traditional publication and epublication (Epub). A war is being fought but like modern warfare sometimes it is hard to decide who is friend or foe. Traditional publication is now fighting for digital rights and Epub is evolving at such a dizzy pace that readers and authors are confused.

As with any major technological changes, people will be left behind. There will be hundreds, thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of people left behind when the New York Times ceases their print editions. More will accumulate as the newspapers around the United States change. I wish I had a crystal ball, well, maybe just a story idea? Who knows? 

Trying not to be left behind, I am in process of self publishing my short stories into ebooks. I'll keep you posted.

Leann Holland 

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